GRIND OUT HUNGER is a Santa Cruz based non-profit created through the vision of skateboarders helping kids overcome hunger and malnutrition. It has grown to harness the energy of the youth and their concern for helping their peers. Working directly with local food banks, Grind Out Hunger has helped provide over 2 million healthy meals.

GRIND OUT HUNGER focuses on 3 main foundations: Empowering, Educating, and Fighting Hunger. With our main target being the youth, we strive to Empower and Educate them to live a life of Happiness, Purpose and Passion. We tie the element of philanthropy into their day to day lives by giving them the opportunity to help their peers in need, all while keeping them engaged
ough their passions of action sports, arts, music and more.

Our main focus is to fight childhood hunger, but kids have used our encouragement and empowerment to take action against many issues that are important to them including: cancer research, clean beaches, anti-bullying, and more.